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les jardins de Sandrine

The gardens of Sandrine - home of my vineyards.


For me, Sandrine, this is where I not only live, but fully enjoy my life. I love tending to our "gardens" in the midst of Randesacker. We cultivate our land organically since 2016, mostly by hand.

Our labels fittingly portray us and our craft: A heart - formed by a german eagle and a gaulic rooster - along the claim "Deutsch-französische Liebe zum Wein" (German-French love for wine).



Sandrine Heimig

  • Born in Chatou on the steps of ParisGeboren in Chatou
  • French as native language, fluent in English, German, steadily improving in both Spanish and Frankish.
  • Alumni of the research studies "Marketing and Tourism"
  • Project coordinator of the french federation of nature and regional parks.
  • Vintner qualification at "Weingut am Stein"
  • Tourist guide "Weinerlebnis Franken" (Wine experience Franconia) as of October 2019