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An Ensemble Of Flavors.

Getting it done with just my feet and hands. That is my motto - inside my "gardens". We only harvest manually at exactly the carefully determined moment with our traditional red boxes before processing them - with love, by hand -  into our delicious organic wine.


Employing roses at the bottom of our vineyards, herbs and saffron within our wine cells along additional aromatic vegetation, we ensure the well rounded and balanced character of our wines.


We reside within the premiere wine location of Randersacker. Growing on our steep slopes "Teufelskeller" (devil's cellar), "Sonnenstuhl" (sunny filled chair) and "Gerstberg" our wines grow continuously caressed by the sun. This ensures only the best of grapes will grow. Nurtured by a soil composition featuring shell limestone our white wines develop a fine mineralic taste, best enjoyed while strolling along the river Main.


We strive for a perfect quality and make sure to give our wine sufficient time to develop fully. Doing it the right way allows us to grow our products in harmony with nature and without the need to fine the wine later.

Manual Harvests

All grapes are harvested manually. We apply the same high level of care to stow them in our boxes as well as to bring them to our wine press to ensure the full aromatic portfolio makes it to the bottle.

In Love With Nature

The undisturbed dance between our grapes and nature results in our distinct flavours and well-balanced  taste. We are proud of our wine's attributes.